The Natural Migration

Over the years, I find myself returning seasonally to the places I love… an annual pilgrimage to the mountains, rivers and cultures that draw me back time and again when the leaves turn or the snow falls, or melts, or the rains begin.  It is a privileged migration following an experiential compass built from years of fine-tuning, trial and error, and a love of high adventure.  When the monsoons form in the Bay of Bengal we migrate from the high Himalayas to enjoy a summer in the Rockies. The lure of high water in Nepal and epic adventures across the Kingdom of Bhutan bring us back to the Himalayas in the fall. Powder skiing and holidays with friends and family return us home to Idaho for the winter.  Expeditions with partners to new destinations, film projects and conservation work continue to inspire an unquenchable thrust for new challenges.  Immersing ourselves in different cultures and contexts give our personal experiences and life expectations a healthier perspective with appreciation and respect.  These are the rewards of migrating our adventures with the natural rhythm of Mother Nature and this is the backbone of our adventure philosophy at GMX.

Signature Experiences

The best adventures happen when you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  But consistently finding oneself in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people doesn’t happen through an accidental series of coincidences. It arises from a complex series of thoughtful permutations made possible by a lifetime of experience, knowledge and most importantly, personal relationships. At GMX, we combine top-of-the-line outfitters with the best guides and instructors in the world to make a trip of a lifetime... one we believe will become the first of many “trips of a lifetime” for you with us.

Summer in Idaho

At the heart of the American Rockies lies the second largest Wilderness Preservation Area in the United States – The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (2,36 million acres). It is an area of clear rivers, deep canyons and rugged mountains. Two major rivers slice through the Wilderness – the Main Salmon River and the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Dubbed the River of No Return, the wild and scenic Main Salmon River cuts through the region creating an unforgettable, world-class river corridor. The Middle Fork of the Salmon offers over 100 miles of Class III-V whitewater and delivers an exciting rafting and kayaking experience in early season high water. GMX anchors its summer around these two quintessential Idaho river experiences, delivering unparalleled opportunities to explore the beauty of Idaho’s pristine wilderness from a raft or kayak. A five-day, mid- to late summer raft or kayak trip down the Main Salmon is the classic summer Idaho adventure for family and friends, with warm water temperatures and ideal water levels. Imagine camping on white sandy beaches, fishing for trout, soaking in natural hot spring pools, hiking remote trails, swimming in picture-perfect swimming holes, and running fun whitewater rapids. For beginner kayakers, a trip on the Main Salmon offers the perfect opportunity to build whitewater skills with GMX’s world class personal instructors. By contrast, a 6-day raft or kayak adventure on the Middle Fork in early summer offers a world-class, exciting, high water adventure for river enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner, looking to improve existing kayak skills, or an experienced paddler, Idaho’s rivers offer the perfect medium for building a magical summer adventure.

"Esther and I have known Gerry for 10 years and during that time we have ventured with him to India, Africa and Bhutan.  He is the consummate guide, companion, and friend.  His vast experience in the world of adventure travel is evident in the great places we've ended up visiting and the amazing times we've had en route.  It's what makes traveling with Gerry so special."

- Michael P. Ochsman | Sun Valley, Idaho

Fall in Bhutan

Still largely undiscovered by western adventurers, the Kingdom of Bhutan – The Land of the Thunder Dragon and Shangri-La – is a mystical and beautiful land tucked away in the high Himalaya bordering Tibet/China and India. It is the only remaining Buddhist Kingdom on earth, whose monarchs have only recently led the country’s transition to a parliamentary democracy in the 21st century. On a physical level, Bhutan is widely acknowledged as the most photogenic of the Himalayan Kingdoms and lends itself to an incredible number of unforgettable adventures for the curious explorer. Colorful monasteries and ancient temples stand silhouetted against the mountainsides just as they have for hundreds of years. Wildlife is abundant, miles of rivers are pristine and vast jungles and forests remain unaltered. Post-monsoon, Bhutan’s clear blue skies, lush green rice paddies, and seasonal cultural festivals make it an ideal time for exploring the Kingdom. Opportunities abound for creating rich and diverse adventures that encompass visiting monasteries and villages, trekking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, or mountain biking. GMX is renowned for its decades of experience in Bhutan and ideal itineraries in the Kingdom range from 5 to 14 nights.

"I first met Gerry Moffatt on a kayaking trip to Bhutan in 1999. Gerry’s extensive Himalayan white water experience combined with his deep appreciation of the unique cultural aspects of the country led to one of the most memorable and personally rewarding trips of my lifetime. Since then I have been fortunate enough to travel on dozens of trips all over the world with Gerry, each time benefiting from his unique ability to challenge me to push myself out of my comfort zone by instilling the confidence necessary to make those strides safely.

Ultimately, what Gerry brings to ever trip he leads is his over thirty years of professional expedition leadership experience combined with his passion to make each adventure both challenging and personally fulfilling for his clients."

- Rich O'leary | Boston, Massachusetts

Winter in the Pacific North West

Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain is renowned for its high-speed quads, minimal lift lines, beautiful day lodges, well-kept groomers, majestic views and great service, while the town itself offers a low-key, sophisticated but quaint atmosphere for après-ski and family fun. Winter traditions abound from dinner sleigh rides through snowy fields, to world -class ice skating shows with former Olympians, to ski lessons for the children at Dollar Mountain. Further afield, the surrounding mountain ranges and Sawtooth Wilderness offer access to some of the most spectacular backcountry skiing in the world. Our three different yurt locations offer suitable terrain and fun for all levels of skiers. Personalized guiding varies from providing helpful backcountry tips and tricks for beginners to leading proficient skiers down challenging steep terrain in the high basins, and everything in between. The quintessential backcountry ski trip here spans 3-5 nights with an optimum group size of between 6-8 skiers/snowboarders. As spring skiing approaches in the lower 48, we look forward to migrating north to Alaska and helicopters for those with a passion or appetite for powder and “Big Mountain Skiing”. With solid skills and a reasonable level of fitness, Alaska has ample terrain to accommodate a wide array of skier abilities and - regardless of terrain selection - a trip to the North Country is guaranteed to blow your mind!

"For both of us, and our three children, over the last 15 years, Gerry has been the consummate guide and friend. We have kayaked with him in Idaho, Scotland and Bhutan, skied and heli-skied in Idaho and even summited Mt. Ranier. Everywhere he has brought not only the skills of a great instructor but amazing cultural insights and infectious enthusiasm for adventure, accompanied always with thorough preparation and meticulous concern for safety and, much fun. There is no one better at what he does."

- Kitty Sherrill | New York, New York

Spring in Nepal

GMX has over 30 years of experience exploring and guiding in Nepal. The mountains and rivers of Nepal have been a mecca for adventure travelers for centuries. From early Buddhist pilgrims to mountain enthusiasts, the region continues to inspire all those lucky enough to find their way there. Today, under the care of a mindful Sherpa community and partnerships with causes such as the Hillary Foundation, adventure travel provides a significant and important source of economic development to the region. “Tea-house treks” have become a popular form of independent travel in more developed regions, such as Everest. Wilderness treks reliant on organized teams of Sherpas and porters remain a fabulous way to step off the beaten track and explore more remote areas. Aspiring mountaineers can now attempt non-technical 6,000-meter mountains designated as 'Trekking Peaks' - making trekking in the Everest region with a mind to summit a significant peak finally a realistic goal for anyone wishing to fulfill that dream. GMX itineraries range from 10 days to 6 weeks and everything in-between.

"I met Gerry Moffatt in nepal in 1996.  Having heard stories about the Scotsman, i was excited to run into him randomly on a river trip in the Himalayas.  When you meet Gerry, it feels like you are reconnecting with an old friend.   Indeed, we did become great friends after that chance meeting, and have been on many adventures around the globe over the past 17 yrs.  Accomplished, knowledgeable, entertaining, and with everyone else's best interest in mind, Gerry will always be my first choice when trying to figure out what my next adventure will be."

- Rawleigh Ralls | Boulder, Colorado