Dear friends,

In the summer of 89' I landed in the beautiful mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Though initially drawn here by the world-class rivers, I stayed because of the unique lifestyle found only in a special place like this. To the north of Sun Valley, the Sawtooth Wilderness is host to some of the most spectacular back country skiing in the world. Dramatic couloirs descend through the massive granite columns into high alpine lakes carved by glaciers from a former age. As snow melts, tributaries flow - forming a multitude of wild and scenic blue ribbon rivers teeming with trout and salmon and miles of unparalleled whitewater kayaking and rafting. Numerous back country air strips offer access to remote and pristine wilderness experiences. Mountain yurts dot the ranges.  And Idaho’s rich history is a tapestry woven with stories from a colorful cast of characters including Native American tribes, Lewis and Clark, infamous Idaho Loaners, and a variety of intrepid explorers and miners.

Sun Valley itself is a jewel among mountain resort towns in the United States. When I first arrived, I was somewhat oblivious to its historical significance in the realm of classic American culture and the world of adventure. Since its creation by Union Pacific Railroad Chairman Averell Harriman in the 1930s specifically as a resort destination for the rich and famous, Sun Valley has served as a whetstone for glamour, adventure and fun - frequented and loved by iconic American figures such as Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, and Clint Eastwood. America’s first ski chair lift was installed here and for over 75 years Sun Valley has enjoyed a level of sophistication, quiet beauty, and glory unique within the American West. As a community today, Sun Valley continues to bring together a world-class, diverse group of lifestyle enthusiasts that include Oscar winners, Olympic champions, fly fishermen, local ski bums, independent entrepreneurs, outdoor guides, artists, photographers, and families in search of an uncommon life. It truly is the quintessential mountain town.

Yet for me, the true beauty of Sun Valley lies beneath the glitz and glamour of famous personalities, beneath the quaint village with its bustling restaurants and art galleries, and beneath the beautiful ski lodges on Baldy Mountain. Because of Sun Valley’s proximity to such immense natural wilderness and beauty, there is something deeper here that strikes a resounding chord with everyone who has the privilege of visiting – a renewed sense of something profoundly important in this finite world… the nurturing of the infinite human spirit through experiencing the Wild.

Sun Valley, ID  photo:Tal Roberts

It is this constant renewal of my spirit through the Wild that has kept me living in Sun Valley and adventuring annually out in the field for over 30 years, exploring and guiding primarily in the Himalayas, and specifically in Nepal and Bhutan. It has brought me a deep respect for the beauty in Mother Nature, a growing sense of responsibility for the protection of our natural resources and indigenous cultural heritage, and a tremendous amount of exhilaration and joy. I have spent a lifetime pushing boundaries and exploring the world as a means of personal growth, professional livelihood, and spiritual sustenance. That I have the privilege of sharing my expertise with a select group of clients who hunger for the same high levels of adventure and unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences is not only profoundly rewarding, but very fun.

What I’ve assembled here is only an introduction to what is possible for us together in the field. The possibilities for interesting, exciting, meaningful adventures are endless – and with the world-class expertise collected here at GMX, we have the ability to pull any adventure together seamlessly into a completely customized experience, tailored just for you. I am interested in helping you experience the adventure that stays with you, that changes you, that expands you, and that makes you want to keep exploring. It’s the only kind of adventure we do, and it’s the only kind of adventure that lasts a lifetime.

All the best,
Founder / Expedition Leader