Excellence in Adventure Travel Career Training
GMX in partnership with Live The Adventure UK (LTA) offers the best career training program in the world to jump- start an exciting profession in sustainable adventure travel tourism. Whoever you are and whatever your experience, LTA will help turn your passion into an international career.

Our Adventure Travel Career Training (ATCT) 4-week intensive program offers the only expedition-oriented career training program in sustainable adventure travel that combines technical expertise, leadership skills, client- management, and environmental education. Under the unparalleled instructional guidance of Himalayan adventure travel legends Gerry Moffatt and Anthony Eddies-Davies - the original adventure travel pioneers in the Himalayas - you will participate in an authentic, experiential-based program that is heads and shoulders above other “guide training” programs offered elsewhere.

ATCT is conducted entirely outdoors on the magnificent rivers and in the majestic mountain ranges of Nepal – considered the heart of the Himalayas and the historic epicenter of adventure travel. Within a small group environment, ATCT guarantees you will receive personalized instruction, individual attention, and opportunities to prATCTce valuable group leadership skills in the field – all designed to help you excel in your new career whether as a guide, expedition leader, tour coordinator, or front-office manager. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive industry-recognized certifications in First Aid, Swift Water Rescue, Navigation, Kayaking, as well as earn the prestigious International Raft Guide Training certification conferred by ATCT.

Program Overview:

ATCT is offered once a year, during the Fall, over 4 weeks in Nepal. 2014 program dates are October 15th - November 13th.

ATCT's curriculum is designed to authentically immerse you in the environments, experiences, contexts, and challenges you face in the field as an adventure travel professional and to teach you the fundamental skills you need to successfully meet those challenges, adapt, grow, and excel in your job. The program is divided into two geographic modules - module 1- International River Guide Training (IRTG) where students will learn professional river/raft guiding skills on whitewater, and module 2 where students will learn Trekking, Mountain Biking and Kayak guiding skills.

Core leadership and guiding skills, client-management, and environmental content are taught throughout the 4-week program, regardless of geographic context. Technical skills and certification requirements such as First Aid, CPR, Water Rescue Technician (WRT), International River Guide Training (IRGT), National Navigation Award Scheme, British Canoe Union (BCU) Kayak Skills Awards are taught in context-specific coursework, either on the water or on the trail.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the course, ATCT encourages students to participate in the full 4-week curriculum in order to get the most of the program. However, recognizing that specific interests or circumstances vary from person to person, students may apply to participate in a specific two week module. Please contact ATCT's program coordinator immediately if you need to enquire about this possibility.

Module 1 International Raft Guide Training (IRGT):

ATCT puts you on Asia’s most dynamic river systems to teach you basic whitewater rafting (with an emphasis on safety boating for more experienced kayakers) within an expedition-based, river-running context. ATCT’s on-water curriculum focuses on safety, technical rafting and kayaking skills, team leadership, and multi-day expedition planning. ATCT will fast track your development, confidence, and guiding skills on the water and provides the perfect fundamentals to further develop a river-based guiding career. Students are individually assessed and graded for proficiency on the river according to the International Scale of River Difficulty (Class I-VI) to ensure they can safely pursue the next appropriate employment or learning opportunity, post-program.

Module 2 Boots Boats and Bikes (B3):

ATCT module two uses the Himalayan mountain ranges as your training ground to develop the skills, capacity, and judgment necessary to successfully plan, execute and lead multi-day Treks and Mountain Bike tours. Coursework covers basic navigation, altitude awareness and management, general mountain safety, group trip planning and logistics management. B3 also returns you to the rivers, further leveraging the skills learned in IRGT to develop a foundation in whitewater kayaking, safety boating and kayak instructor training.

Participant Prerequisites:

Due to the physical nature of the curriculum, your level of fitness will directly affect the quality of your experience. ATCT requires that participants be in reasonable physical shape to successfully meet the demands of the course. Individuals should be comfortable with lifting up to 50lbs/23kg and have proficient swimming skills. Technical whitewater rafting and/or kayaking skills are helpful but not required. A love for the outdoors and willingness to participate and lead in dynamic group scenarios is essential. In preparation for the program, participants will be expected to review ATCT's Whitewater Rescue Comprehensive Training Manual, Region-Specific Workbook and Course Syllabus before arriving in Nepal.

Cost & Booking:

The 2014 ATCT training course will be held in Nepal from October 15th - 13th November. To ensure a safe, hands-on and rewarding experience, ATCT limits the course size to no more than 16 participants. It is highly recommended that interested parties book well in advance to secure their place for the year.

2014 Program Dates and Prices

  • Module 1 (IRGT) 15th -28th Oct: 1950.00 GBP 29th Oct rest / change over day
  • Module 2 (B3) 30th Oct - 13th Nov: 2400.00 GBP
  • Total tuition cost 2014 ATCT course = 3990 GBP per participant 2015 Program Dates and Prices

  • Module 1 (IRGT) 15th -28th Oct: 1950.00 GBP 29th Oct rest / change over day
  • Module 2 (BBB) 30th Oct - 13th Nov: 2400.00 GBP
  • Total tuition cost 2015 ATCT course = 4400 GBP per participant


ATCT has produced a very high standard of Guides some of which are now working as successful guides in the US, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Canada, Europe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand.

''The most amazing course available on the world market, if you want to 'Live the Adventure' go on this course and feel alive!!! I'm now working in Australia in the Adventure Travel industry and looking forward to exploring the world with my new skill set."
Glenn Simleit - Graduate 2013

"The IRGT is an awesome way to gain world class qualifications on some of the best river conditions in the world. It opens the door to a whole world of adventure and I would recommend it to any white water enthusiast who wants to further their skill set"
Alistair Dorward - Graduate 2012

"Nepal exceeded all my expectations. I arrived with a passion for the outdoors and left with the skills and confidence to to pursue a career. I am now applying for an instructor position at the National Outdoor Leadership School in the USA. During the course, Gerry and Anthony encouraged each of us to push ourselves to the next level - I exceeded what I thought I was capable of doing.
Isabelle Lafferty - Graduate 2012

"The entire course was an extremely rewarding experience, and one that I seriously recommend. The course leaders have unparalleled knowledge and are very encouraging, and the program caters for all skill levels, so you are always pushing yourself to your limits. Absolutely awesome."
Jake Thompson - Graduate 2012

"I had the privilege of doing the International River Guide Training course with Gerry Moffatt and Anthony Eddies Davis in October 2012. I can't say enough about the way this course was run; their professionalism, local knowledge, experience and everything else down to their humor and their music taste made this course the most worthwhile two weeks of my life. Further than just the skills and qualifications I gained from doing the course, I found being around Gerry and Ant inspiring. As well as delivering internationally recognized course curriculum, they went above and beyond what was advertised for the course sharing their vast experience and passing invaluable lessons of work ethic, respect for the environment and of the importance of giving back to the industry".
Finnian Henry - Graduate 2012